Follow live as prime minister and Labour leader take part in first TV clash of the campaign

9.58pm GMT

YouGov has sent out a more detailed news release about its poll. (See 9.10pm.) It points out that the 51%/49% result is “so close as to be within the margin of error”.

9.53pm GMT

And this is what political journalists and commentators are saying about the debate.

In summary, it’s very mixed.

YouGov snap poll, debate too close to call. That a result for Corbyn who's so far behind BJ that draw = win for him. But it not the game-changer JC needs. #GE2019 shaping up into an unpopularity contest in which this duo vying to be the least repellant rather than most magnetic

In the room @jeremycorbyn got warm reception for saying monarchy could do with some improvement and you could hear pin drop when @BorisJohnson said monarchy beyond reproach. Big question how that plays in UK after Prince Andrew interview. Which leader got it right? #ITVDebate

Boris Johnson’s closing statement hits his two main attack lines on Labour, Corbyn can’t say which side he’d campaign for in the referendum he wants and would have to give Nicola Sturgeon what she wants to get into Downing Street

The mere fact this head-to-head debate happened was a victory for Corbyn - it framed him as the main challenger to Johnson. I'd be uncomfortable with 49% thinking Corbyn won if I were the Tories. #LeadersDebate

That was a good enough performance from both leaders that if you like that sort of thing you’ll like that sort of thing. Corbyn cleared a low bar so the battle may be his. Not probably a game changer, which means Johnson will be content that the war may still be his

A reminder that Johnson leads Corbyn by 35 points in who would make the best prime minister. The thing that would make the Tories nervous would be to see that number close up

Debate thoughts? Johnson bringing it back to Brexit could get tiresome a la Theresa May’s strong and stable. But Corbyn is vulnerable on Brexit. Poss surprise would be Corbyn more natural on the off-the-cuff; Christmas Carol vs Brexit deal /Damson jam combo prime example.

#itvdebate was a zero sum game. Nobody learned or gained anything. Both candidates resorted to soundbites and simplistic arguments. No real debate on policy.But in the dynamics of #ge2019, Jeremy Corbyn needed to make gains and he didn’t. So Boris Johnson emerged on top.

But a straw poll not a representative sample like YouGov. Apples and pears. But a near draw is a good result for @jeremycorbyn considering his ratings going in.

Well my takeaway from that is that the contempt people now have for politicians is so palpable, I don’t know how you come back from it.

"Boris Johnson floundered badly when asked about Prince Andrew - which Corbyn knocked for six without breaking a sweat." @patrickkmaguire on what we learned from tonight's debate. #ITVDebate

I had @BorisJohnson winning first half, @jeremycorbyn winning the second. No clear winner, neither very impressive. Well done @julieetchitv @errongordon - fast, punchy show. #ITVLeadersDebate

debate revealed important reality - both main parties doubling down on 20172 big currents determining election are:- whether Labour ‘17 Leave voters want Brexit more than they dont want Johnson for 5 yrs- And whether LibDem voters want EUref more than they dont want Corbyn

Given how far both the Conservatives and Boris Johnson are ahead in the polls, the fact that 49% of viewers thought Jeremy Corbyn won the #itvdebate is a good result for Labour.

Terrible debate. Terrible format. Boris won the first half narrowly. Corbyn won the second half comfortably. Not by a big enough margin to dramatically transform the campaign. But possibly by enough to stem the bleeding in the polls and stabilise Labour’s campaign.

Just filed my quick take for the Guardian, tl;dr - will that have changed things up? I doubt it.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 4:58pm

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