There's no doubt which console won the battle this generation. More PlayStation 4s have sold than any other console in history.

However, you might not have jumped on the bandwagon yourself yet and, if you're now getting that itch, Cyber Monday is a great time to scratch it.

We've been scouring the net looking for the best deals on PS4, PS4 Pro and PSVR in the US and UK. You can find some quick links below to help you navigate straight to the bargains where you live.

Best US PlayStation 4 deals | Best UK PlayStation 4 deals

US Cyber Monday PS4 deals

If you're looking for Cyber Monday deals from the biggest retailers in the US, then hit one of the links below and you'll go straight there.

PS4 bundles

The standard PlayStation 4 is a great, slim machine that plays games in up to 1080p HDR.

PlayStation 4 1TB with God of War, The Last of Us and Horizon: Zero Dawn, now $199.99 (save $100): This comes with a bundle of three of the best PlayStation games of this generation, plus the larger capacity slim PS4. View this deal on Best Buy 

PS4 Pro bundles

If you want to go bigger with your next PlayStation, the PS4 Pro is a 4K HDR powerhouse.

PS4 Pro with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, now $299.99 (save $100): Get the 1TB PS4 Pro with the latest COD. See the deal on Best Buy

PSVR and accessories

Perhaps you're in the market for Sony's own virtual reality headset or a new controller.

PSVR Starter Kit with two Move controllers, Blood + Truth and Everybody's Golf, now $249.99 (save $100): This PlayStation VR bundle comes with the PlayStation Move controllers and two great games. View this deal on Amazon

Sony DualShock 4 controller (blue camo), now $39 (save £24): One of the best looking controllers around. View this offer on Walmart

UK Cyber Monday PS4 deals

Below are quick links straight to the Cyber Monday deals pages for the top UK retailers, just in case you're looking for something that we haven't covered. 

PS4 bundles

Here you can find some great deals on the slimmer, standard PlayStation 4.

PS4 500GB with Death Stranding and 3-months Now TV, now £199: You get the stunning new game, Death Stranding, with this PS4 bundle. It also includes three months of Now TV Entertainment. See this offer on Game 

PS4 500GB with COD: Modern Warfare, Need for Speed Heat and 3-months Now TV, now £234: Get two of the best games around with this bundle that also includes a Now TV Entertainment Pass. Click here to see the deal on Game

PS4 500GB with Uncharted 4, The Last of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn, now £199.99 (save £70.78): This Amazon exclusive deal comes with three of the best PlayStation games of all time. View this deal on Amazon

PS4 Pro bundles

If you have a 4K HDR TV it's well worth considering an upgrade to the PlayStation 4 Pro.

PS4 Pro with FIFA 20, now £299.99 (save £26.08): The PS4 Pro FIFA 20 bundle is now available at a great bargain. See this deal on Amazon

PS4 Pro with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and 2-months Now TV, now £299: Not only do you get the 1TB PS4 Pro with the latest COD, you get a Now TV Entertainment Pass too. View the offer on Game

Limited edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro with see-through controller, now £329.99 (save £49.01): As well as get the brand new Kojima game, the PS4 Pro comes with special edition designs on the console and controller. See this deal on Game

PS4 Pro with extra DualShock 4 controller, plus one free game and Blu-ray movie, now £329.99: With this PS4 Pro deal, you get to choose a free game from a selection including Death Stranding, Spider-Man and God of War, plus a movie that includes Spider-Man: Homecoming and Into the Spider-Verse. Click here to see the deal on Argos

PS4 Pro with FIFA 20 and 12-month PS Plus membership, now £329.99: This includes a whole year of PS Plus with the PS4 Pro FIFA 20 bundle. See this deal on Amazon

PSVR, PS Plus and accessories

Fancy a crack at virtual reality? Or, maybe you're just in the market for a new controller. Here are the deals for you.

12-month PlayStation Plus membership, now £37.49 (save £12.50): PS Plus is needed for online play and also gives you two free PS4 games a month - £37.49 is a great deal as it can normally cost £6.99 if you pay monthly. See this deal on Amazon

PlayStation VR starter pack with Resident Evil VR and Now TV, now £179 (save £105.98): A great way to start off your virtual reality experiences. Do note that Resident Evil VR is particularly chilling, though. View this deal on Game

Sony Gold Wireless headset Fortnite Edition (in black), now £49.99 (save £20): As well as the black version of the Sony Gold headset, you get Fortnite Neo Versa bundled in for no extra cost. See this Game offer

• DualShock 4 controller (rose gold), now £34.99 (save £15): One of several controller deals for Cyber Monday. View the offer on Amazon

Monday, December 2, 2019 - 7:13am

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